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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

West branch

There was a little library hidden

Away down the street, a block

From the motel I lived in until I was

Thirteen, somewhere in West Berkeley

On University avenue among the Tulip

Poplar trees that cried aphids and made

The sidewalks sticky, leaves sticking to your

Feet, the trees anchored the sidewalks from

Floating away in a world of junkies, thieves

And prostitutes, it was my own place away

From the world, a world between worlds

Where I could be my own, slide myself between

A spine, hide underneath the covers, hidden

Away in the pages from it all, in a world where

Anything was possible, I wasn’t some girl who

Lived in a motel room with a crack addict

Half sibling, who lied on the ripped carpet underneath

Newspapers, who I never knew, who arrived one day

And disrupted our world, when my little brother came

Into the world, and carried a sense of possibility

Into us, where I got teased by kids in school

Our lives displayed on the parking lot stage, the cars

On the street passing a human fishbowl, look at us

While I chase the jersey cow in Anne of Green Gables,

The bookshelves beckoning.


Blogger Speakspakespoken said...

okay lizz,

i visited your site. i hope you get this "comment". clearly you have been busy writng and posting. alway impressive.

some recommendations about your blog:

choose one color for the entire site. right now you have one color on the left and one color on the right side of the page - which in the end makes many of the poems hard to read. what happens is that between the page color on the right and the color of the text, the text on the right side of the page goes faint, and is next to impossible to read. also - the reason why it may be taking so long for your pages to publish is because of all the different colors you got goining. keep it simple. keep the font color a standard black and keep the font size to no more than 12 pts.

in any event...great work, mama!!


7:31 PM


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